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We Buy Houses Cash or Terms

OKALOOSA HOMEBUYERS: Real Estate Investor in Okaloosa County, Florida. Call  24  HOURS: 1-877-OKALOOSA. I can make you a fair cash offer or we can look at other ways to solve your urgent and immediate house problem.

My name is Steve, I’m an Okaloosa County resident who solves difficult house problems quickly. I buy houses in Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Crestview, Niceville, Valparaiso, Shalimar, Mary Esther and Navarre when a quick cash sale, or other creative solution is needed. And in some instances, I can even help homeowners by paying your monthly mortgage temporarily if that solves your problem.

Not every house is an "fixer-upper or old junk house" that needs repairs where a homeowner will accept an all-cash offer. Many houses we see here in Okaloosa County are nice houses that have high mortgages and little or no equity, and people are forced to sell because of a divorce or other situation where they can't make the mortgage payment. Homeowners are forced to list their houses at a higher price because they can't afford to pay the real estate agent, and when they try to sell it as a "for sale by owner" everybody wants a lower price. 

Since we are located in Fort Walton Beach, we also will look at properties in the Freeport and Santa Rosa Beach areas of Walton County. I will look at houses in Defuniak Springs if it makes sense, and at homes in parts of Santa Rosa County, namely in Navarre, Holley and Holt.

If your house is stressing you out, we should talk.

  • Do you need help with mortgage payments to protect your credit?
  • Are you a mortgage payment behind and need to sell fast to avoid foreclosure or keep a bad situation from getting worse?
  • Need me to step in and take over mortgage payments on your behalf? Are you aware of creative strategies to sell your house that do not involve a real estate agent where you can get full asking price or very close to it?
  • Do you need foreclosure help in the form of a quick purchase to stop foreclosure but don't know who to talk to?

Stressed? Okaloosa Homebuyers solves frustrating house problems quickly and fairly.

We buy houses quickly in Okaloosa.
Call 877-OKALOOSA and ask for Steve.
  • CRESTVIEW 32536, 32539
  • FORT WALTON BEACH 32547, 32548
  • BAKER 32531
  • MARY ESTHER 32569
  • NICEVILLE 32578, 32580
  • VALPARAISO 32578
  • SHALIMAR 32579
  • DESTIN 32541
  • FREEPORT 32439
  • NAVARRE 32556

We understand that sometimes homeowners need somebody to buy their house quickly, but a cash offer is often not the right solution to your problem. There are many other creative and effective purchase solutions that your real estate agent will probably never tell you. 

Need a quick cash sale or better yet, do you need somebody to step into your place, and pay your house payment for you?

FOR EXAMPLE, WOULD IT HELP YOU IF I STEPPED IN, AND TOOK OVER YOUR HOUSE PAYMENTS AND I BUY YOUR HOUSE FOR FULL PRICE!? LET ME HELP SOLVE YOUR URGENT AND IMMEDIATE HOUSE RELATED PROBLEM QUICKLY. Every person's situation is unique and I can probably find a solution to your house dilemma if you are ready to talk about it.

My name is Steve. I'm a person that buys homes in Okaloosa County. Please give me call or text me on my cell phone anytime, day or night at 850-400-4300, or fill out the short contact form on this page. I care about your situation and I look forward to speaking with you. Even if I don't end up making an offer on your house, I can probably give you some useful strategies that may help you out.