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About us... Why do we buy houses in Okaloosa County, Florida? Here's how we met our first cash home buyer... a real estate investor. Maybe you can relate? 

Hello. My name is Steve Kazella. My wife and I live here in Okaloosa County, and our company is called "We Buy Houses 877-Okaloosa, LLC". I'd like to share a little bit about us and our real estate journey and life journey. Although we can’t say that we’ve walked a mile in your shoes, my wife Ildi and I can probably relate with you to the extent that we understand that it can be very stressful to have house problems that need to be solved immediately. Before I was buying properties, back around 2003, things were going great. We had just purchased and moved into a brand-new house that we helped design, which a builder friend from our church had built for us along with several other homes for church friends in the area. Then after moving in, we discovered a number of severe structural issues that somehow passed inspection. We could not figure out how the builder was able to obtain a certificate of occupancy. With the severity of the structural damage, we never should have been able to move into the house, and we certainly could not refinance our new mortgage to pay for the needed repairs on a brand-new home.

It was a crazy bad situation.

To make a long story short, our “builder friend” from our church family group had severely botched the construction of the foundation, deck and walls of our new house and then covered it up and lied about it. He also got behind the eight ball financially on several other houses he was building and started using funds from multiple projects to fill the gaps, and even charged us for thousands of dollars of his own power tools. Then this nice man put a $64,000 mechanics lien on the house and he filed a bogus lawsuit against us.

We hired a structural engineer who determined there was approximately $80,000 worth of structural repairs that were needed on our foundation, basement and deck to be made on our brand-new house we had just moved into, just to bring it up to code. Our “builder friend” was eventually charged and indicted on multiple felonies including forgery, grand larceny and scheme to defraud. We were overwhelmed by stress. We had mounting legal bills to defend the bogus lawsuits, my wife who was pregnant at the time was laid off from her job, and right after that I was laid off from my telecommunications project management job. We had to pay 100% of our own health insurance and pay mounting legal bills to fight the lawsuit, and the bills piled up and eventually we fell behind on our mortgage, and went into pre-foreclosure.

We were emotionally drained by the situation and overwhelmed by multiple curve balls that life was throwing at us at the same time.

It all seemed so unfair.

And then on top of all of this, our newborn son became very sick and almost died about ten days after he was born. Then, a week after he came out from Pediatric Intensive Care, the insurance company refused to pay for any of our medical bills, because we were constantly late with the insurance premiums, even though the insurance company deposited all the insurance premium checks we sent them, and our insurance policy was still active. We had almost $100,000 in hospital medical bills not covered by insurance, a $64,000 bogus mechanics lien and lawsuit for the same amount, we still owed the attorney over $10,000 on top of the $80,000 worth of repairs that needed to be made to our new house. It was the perfect storm.

To make even matters worse, we started getting letters and postcards from people that we didn’t know, to sell them our house “for cash”. It actually made us kind of embarrassed and upset that they knew about our personal situation through the public records. We could not imagine selling our house and losing everything we had invested into it – our entire life savings. The lawsuits dragged on, the bills piled up, and we got even further behind on the mortgage. There was no way for us to bring the mortgage current and continue defending the lawsuit and keep the house.

Then we were offered a fast and fair solution.

We found ourselves paralyzed by the fear of losing our house. Our dream of homeownership became a nightmare. We decided that bankruptcy was not going to be a viable solution for us. I really needed somebody to step in, that we could trust that could buy my house fast, give us some cash so we could afford to move out and find a temporary rental solution. That’s when someone recommended a real estate investor that had some creative ideas which we had not even thought of. This person was able to step in, help us out of our bad situation, and gave us a hand up to walk away from the big mess we were in. The real estate investor's help was an incredible relief. I’m sure that the investor made some money as a result of buying our house, and we were okay with that, because we traded our burdensome and stressful situation for his fair and fast resolution of our huge problem.

Our old house that an investor purchased and repaired.

What's different about us when compared with most people that buy houses in Fort Walton Beach and Crestview is that we've actually experienced first-hand what it is like to need a real estate investor to buy our property fast.

The house investor was able to remove the huge burden we had from our shoulders, so we could dust ourselves off and start over. And we were able to start over. It took us a little while to get back on our feet, but we did. We found out that there is life after pre-foreclosure, and things worked out.

I decided to share our story, because my wife and I help people solve their house related problems here in Okaloosa County.  We care about helping you because we've been there personally. It was a blessing to my family when somebody took the time to listen to our situation and then offered a fair solution that solved our specific problem.

I’ve learned that a good deal is when the deal solves a problem and works fairly for both sides.


We Buy Houses 877-Okaloosa, LLC, 2018 Lewis Turner Blvd. Building-C, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547.



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