We can buy your house fast for cash in any condition and close quickly in Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, Niceville OR Destin.

"Need to Sell My House Quickly in Okaloosa"
How our cash offers work.

Have you told yourself, "I need to sell my house quickly?" IF YOU MUST SELL YOUR HOUSE FAST FOR CASH IN OKALOOSA COUNTY OR ANYWHERE IN NORTHWEST FLORIDA? Before we can make you an offer we would like to talk to you to understand the condition of the property, better understand your situation and see what is the best solution for your real estate problem. We are local people with a company that buys houses in Crestview, Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding area. As local Okaloosa County real estate buyers we provide fast and effective solutions for people who need to sell a house quickly on the Emerald Coast, but can’t sell it the traditional way by listing it for sale with a real estate agent for various reasons.  

Dear Okaloosa County Neighbor,

Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Steve, owner of this website, I help people who have real estate related problems in Crestview and Fort Walton Beach, and who need a non-traditional way to sell their property for cash.  I am not a Real Estate Agent. I’m just a small business owner, a person who buys houses for investment purposes here in Okaloosa County and usually solves stressful house problems very fast.

I’m very sorry that you are having an issue with your property, and that you may need to sell it fast. And I can totally relate that having to sell a house urgently is one of the most stressful things that can happen in your lifetime. Especially if you’ve got bills to pay, and you are behind on your house payment, or you were unable to sell your house on your own as a FSBO (for sale by owner) or you could not afford to pay the real estate broker’s 6% commission to list it and sell it the “traditional way” because you didn’t have enough home equity or could not bring cash to closing. 

Actually, I’ve been there myself. About 20 years ago we had a sick family member, my wife and I both lost our jobs, we lost our health insurance and medical bills piled up, our house needed about $80,000 of repairs that I could not afford to make, we fell behind on mortgage payments, and I needed to sell my house fast to stop a bad situation from getting worse. I eventually called a real estate investor who solved our immediate problem.


When we make all-cash offers, we buy houses “as-is” in any condition and can close very quickly or as quickly as you need us to in most instances. So you never have to make any repairs to the property when we buy it. Please understand that if you are selling a house for cash, especially if the property is in need of minor work or major repairs and renovation to make it suitable for us to be renting out to a tenant or reselling it the “traditional way”, we will need to make you a significantly discounted purchase offer so we have enough wiggle room in the property purchase to have repairs made to the house and still earn a profit. We are not trying to insult you with a low offer. Understand that our all cash purchase offer has to be made at a number  that allows us to budget for all needed repairs and renovations and still make the purchase a worthwhile  one for us.

So, if you're transferring out of Eglin and need to sell, or if your property needs a lot of repairs, or if you're selling because you are getting divorced and need to sell house fast, or if you are late on your mortgage payments, we can still buy your house. If you’re a frustrated Shalimar landlord with deadbeat problem tenants that are causing you a lot of unneeded stress, you can unload the problem on us, we can take over for you. If you are unable to sell an inherited house in Fort Walton Beach because you are living out of state and you can’t afford to make needed repairs to the house, we can buy it if we can agree on a fair price.

My wife and I buy houses for cash in Fort Walton Beach, Crestview and Destin. We can buy your house fast for cash and it’s totally up to you if our offer is acceptable or not, no surprises. If you are an Okaloosa County Florida home seller and a fair cash offer with a quick closing and zero fees would solve your real estate related situation, I think we can make you a very fair cash offer that can immediately solve your nagging real estate problem.

Let’s talk soon. 

Call me: 850-400-5600


Steve  :-)

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