Foreclosure in Florida

by Paul
(Crestview florida)

What can I do to avoid foreclosure for my home?

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Oct 29, 2021
Take urgent action when in pre-foreclosure ! NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE -- COMMON SENSE.
by: Steve Okaloosa Homebuyers

So when you have missed your second payment and your mortgage company lets you know you are in hot water with them, make every effort to catch up on your house payment and settle up with the lender.

You have to catch up. Talk to friends or family, borrow the money, get a side job if possible delivering pizza, whatever it takes to get current on your house payments.

Now clearly many times people are sick or worse in a household. But you get it. This is not financial advice, but talk to your lender to see if you can work out a modification or forbearance, or just find out the amount of arrears (how much you are behind in total) and get them paid ASAP.

Oct 28, 2021
About stopping a foreclosure in Florida
by: Steve with Okaloosa Homebuyers

Hi Paul. Thanks for you question, it would be great if you called us so I can have some more details about your situation.

This is not legal or financial advice, just my thoughts out loud, see if you can talk to an attorney if you need to, especially if you want to keep your house, most people do.

Basically if you've missed more than one payment the clock is ticking against you and you need to work with your lender to catch up on your payments.

See if you can work out a forbearance agreement so for a temporary time you send them a reduced payment in order to catch up or work out a loan modification which can also help you to stay in compliance with you mortgage. But if you've already received a lis pendens notification you have a very limited timeframe to stop the pending foreclosure action against you by your lender.

Sadly most of the time people do not contact me when they are early on in the pre-foreclosure phase but they wait until their back is up against the wall and are forced to act. Many times there simply isn't enough time to do anything and the house gets foreclosed on and then investors eventually buy it at auction.


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