Will you buy my house for cash in Niceville Florida?

by Okaloosa Homebuyers 877-OKALOOSA
(Niceville, Florida 32578)

Will you buy my Okaloosa County house for Cash?  Find out call us at 877-OKALOOSA

Will you buy my Okaloosa County house for Cash? Find out call us at 877-OKALOOSA

Will you buy my house for cash? Okaloosa Homebuyers gets this question all the time.

Yes we will buy your house for cash typically if it needs repairs or renovations or needs significant work.

If it is an older house or an inherited property that is more than fifteen to twenty years old, we will probably make you a cash offer. We make very fair cash offers and can purchase the property quickly.

When making a cash offer understand that we are either going to renovate the property and either flip or sell it, or rent it out. The cash offers i make to sellers are going to be discounted so that I can make the repairs to the house and make a profit after I sell it.

Please do not be offended if you think your house is worth $275,000 and it is in pretty bad shape and needs $60,000 of renovations and I offer to purchase it for less than $150,000. I also have to make money or I don't take the risk.

If your house in Niceville is a newer nicer house that you carry a high mortgage balance on and you need to sell it urgently due to a "life situation" or hardship, I can help you to make sure you get full asking price to cover your mortgage. For your situation an all-cash offer probably wouldn't work.

We buy houses for cash and terms in Niceville and Okaloosa County Florida.

Steve :-)


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Oct 26, 2021
Sell my house quickly in Niceville?
by: Okaloosa Homebuyers

Working with a real estate investor like me is not for everybody, and it is actually not the right solution for most people.

Clearly, if you can, you want to be able to keep or save your house, stop the foreclosure or keep making the house payments. If you still need to sell, you can try to sell your house yourself on the Local Fort Walton Beach Facebook Marketplace or Okaloosa Craigslist as a FSBO for sale by owner.

The problem many people run into is that everybody wants the house cheaper and they aren't really solving your problem, just low-balling you on the price. And of course if you can afford to pay the high sals commission and closing costs, then you should list with a realtor.

Unfortunately some people literally cant afford to sell their home due to the closing costs. If that describes your situation, we need to talk.


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